Old Town Commercial Association to have technology audit

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The OTCA Board of Directors' meeting is held once a month. Photo Credit: Anya Rath

The OTCA Board of Directors’ meeting is held once a month.
Photo Credit: Anya Rath

The Old Town Commercial Association will be performing a technology audit to enhance its web interactions.

The audit was decided upon at the association’s Board of Directors’ Meeting on April 11, 2013.

The audit, spearheaded by Vice President Tony Beyers, is a project, aimed to revamp association-related websites, which will be ongoing for two months.

Louise Gradwohl, executive director of the association, said: “Essentially, we have seven domains that we use for different festivals or email accounts. There’s a site that hosts them, and there’s a site that you buy the domain from. We are looking at consolidating them and putting them in one hub”

Gradwohl said consolidation will enable the association to know when to renew and redirect websites as needed.

Beyers said the goal is to redirect these websites, to the main website at: iloveoldtown.org.

Old Town's main website. iloveoldtown.org

Old Town’s main website. iloveoldtown.org

“We’ve been really fortunate over the years when different organizations have either donated or developing sites for us for our different events,” Karen Stefl, association president, said at the meeting.

Stefl added that all of the different hubs resulted in much confusion for the association.

Beyers said that having all of the different websites hosted in different places results in various fees and require more maintenance.

“It will be nice to consolidate,” Beyers said. “If all of the sites are on the same platform, it’ll be easier to modify.”

Beyers also said he intends to consolidate the association’s domain registration with one company.

Gradwohl said this will make things much more efficient for the association.

Beyers also said that the audit will probably help boost search results and be cheaper for the association.

Several board members observed that they were having problems with their email accounts. Beyers said that the audit will include a change in email hosting.

Beyers said that he is in the process of moving email hosting to Redhead Design Studio, a business based in Old Town.

Gradwohl said the public will notice very little impact as a result of the changes in service.

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