Staff layoff a possibility for Waverly Community Schools

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Waverly School Teachers


Lansing Charter Township News Writer

By Katlyn Vuillemot

LANSING CHARTER TOWNSHIP – The Waverly Community School Board of Education recently voted to allow the layoff of the school district staff if needed.

“The reason behind this particular action is that contractually, we have to take action as a board so if our budget deficit becomes so great that we have to lay off teachers, we can take that action,” schools Superintendent Terry Urquhart told the board March 12. “This doesn’t say that we are laying anyone off, it says we have that option if we have to.”

The district faces a $1.5 million deficit for the 2013 through 2014 school year. One way to fix this problem is to lay off staff, which account for almost 86 percent of the school district’s budget, according to a Waverly Community School Board of Education report.

“We have done this for the last 11 of the 12 years I have been here,” said Brit Slocum, president of the school board. “I would just like to point that out. This is strictly a semantics move so that we are in the right place in case of a severe budgetary crisis.”

Other budget cuts have been considered such as reducing instructional programs, athletics and other activities, Urquhart said.

Recently, the Ombudsman alternative education program was cut in hopes of saving $250,000. Many community members were upset with the cut, but the board expressed its need to remove the program to get out of the increasing deficit.

These are difficult decisions, but if I wouldn’t be doing my job if had not made these recommendations, said Urquhart.

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