Spring Fling parking squatters stir trouble

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By Nubia Buckingham
Mason Times staff writer

City Council members raised concerns about the parking violations of vendors during Spring Fling.

The Mason Chamber of Commerce presented a plan for annual events to the Council March 18.

The 30th Annual Spring Fling courthouse show is Saturday, May 4.

Spring Fling is four blocks of entertainment and publicity for community organizations.

Executive Director Douglas Klein said, “We request the same street closures as we have in past years.”

According to the agenda, Maple Street between Jefferson and Barnes Streets will be closed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mayor Leon Clark said, “We have a problem with parking.”

Businesses are tired of vendors who come to the fair and use their parking spaces. “They sit there all day,” said Clark.

It puts a lot of burden on businesses that don’t benefit from downtown.

“Spot those people don’t allow them to come back,” said Clark.

Clark said he is concerned about parking because there has been a complaint every year.

“We will be giving out warnings,” said Klein.

On another issue, Mayor Pro Tem Robin Naeyaert said, “We are so concerned about next year’s budget.”

The estimated cost was about $3,000.

Naeyaert appreciates Chamber of Commerce events, but wants to make sure City Council is not just giving out money.

Klein reminded council members that it is the 30th annual Spring Fling.

Klein said he will discuss the budget concerns with the Chamber of Commerce.

Council members didn’t want their concerns to be misconstrued.

Councilman Marlon Brown said, “I value the events by the Chamber of Commerce, and concerns convey a positive message.”

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