Seniors Gear up for Next Step

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Spring is a time of warming weather, recent  blossoms, new beginnings and restoration, but for some  graduating seniors, this time can mean only one thing- stress.

Between school, work, extra curriculars, all while trying to figure out what life will look like after getting that diploma, it can be a daunting period in anyones life.

Senior Communications Major Sarah Sheff knows all about balancing a hectic schedule and trying to get her ducks in a row post-under grad.

“I spent most of the year applying for grad schools and going 8 a.m until 10with class, work, zumba, you name it,” Sheff said.

“Yea it’s complicated, and definetly kept me up some nights.”


See how Sheff overcame the uneasy months leading up to graduation and advice from those who have been through it all.

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