Residents say gas prices hurting their wallets

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Gas station in DeWitt. (Photo by Stephen Ingber)

Gas station in DeWitt.
(Photo by Stephen Ingber)

By Stephen Ingber Staff Reporter

DeWitt TWP. – Gas prices are affecting the wallets of the residents of DeWitt Township as of April 2013.  According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) the price of gas and household goods are up 1.5%.

The average price of gasoline was $3.52 per gallon in Michigan according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Although this price is less than the $3.90 for April 2012 consumers nerveless say they feel the pinch of high gas prices.

Summer being around the corner means more American’s will hit the roads and consume more gas. With the demand up, prices will go up and that will effect how much we spend at the grocery store said Dewaun Frazier, an economics major in the Michigan State College of Social Sciences. 

Area Walmart store.  (Photo by Stephen Ingber)

Area Walmart store.
(Photo by Stephen Ingber)

The area Walmart Store in Eastwood Town Centre provides basic groceries and home goods to local DeWitt residents. Morgan Chavez, a resident of Bath, has seen the prices go up considerably over the past few years.

“Living on a fixed income I can only allot so much money towards groceries and just a small increase puts a dent on my household, “ said Chavez.  With the price of milk rising slightly in a five year period it can be attributed to such things as the rise in fuel according to a December USA Today story.

Industry experts in the field of logistics say this trend will continue says Brian Guibord a transportation sales representative for C.H. Robinson. Corporations like his company help move products around the county for many different suppliers and see first hand how the fuel prices have affected their profits.

Inside a local supermarket.  (Photo by Stephen Ingber)

Inside a local supermarket.
(Photo by Stephen Ingber)

Over a three-year period, the CPI has increased across the board for most consumer goods according to a report issued by the Department of Labor. The price of food has shown slight increases from last year’s report in April 2012 which shared an increase of 1.5%.

“When you have to pay truck drivers more that price has to be paid somewhere, unfortunately it is getting tossed to the consumer at the stores” said Guibord.

Last month’s Labor Department report for consumer price index says the number for inflation has increased 0.4% from March to April up from the 0.32% during the same time last year. The same report said most of the net increase is attributed to the rise in gas and food prices.


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