New Korean restaurant Bulgogi arrives in East Lansing

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Bulgogi Menu

Bul go gi Menu

Bulgogi is actually planning small events to make students and locals aware of the restaurant and what it has to offer.

By Deveen Taylor
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Bulgogi is the newest Korean restaurant on Albert Avenue in East Lansing. The restaurant is named after a popular Korean dish. The restaurant has only been open for mildly two weeks and is still trying to ease into things.

There are many Korean restaurants around East Lansing, but this one is unique because it is the only Korean restaurant to have barbecue grills in each table so customers can grill their own meat. Hostess Seoyoung Choi said that Bulgogi is the only Korean restaurant in  East Lansing that is traditional.

“A lot of the other restaurants serve what we call “American Korean food” which is Americanized Korean food, but we try and keep it extremely traditional,” said Choi.

Not only is the food different from the other Korean restaurants, but Bulgogi’s interior design is quite tasteful.

“We didn’t to go too much with Korean designs for our interior we decided to pay homage with the artistry but keep it simple to the furniture,”said Choi.

The restaurant so far has been slow in  the morning but gets very crowded by lunchtime and dinner.

Many MSU students have been enjoying Bulgogi and what its have to bring to East Lansing . Katelin Haught said that she’s enjoying the new restaurant and that it is a breathe of fresh air .

“Bulgogi is first restaurant in East Lansing that I’ve gone too and is actually clean, the restrooms, the dining area, the whole entity,”said Haught.

Haught said the barbeque pits in the table is quite genius because a lot of restaurant cooks don’t really know how to make your food just the way you like it.MSU student Simone Page, said that Bulgogi actually her new favorite spot in East Lansing.

“Bulgogi make the best pajeon is the best I’ve ever had in East Lansing all the other restaurants,”said Page.

Pajeon is a pancake-like dish made with green onions.

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