4 appointed to Ingham Equal Opportunity Committee

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By Michelai Graham
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

INGHAM COUNTY—Four new officials were appointed to the county’s Equal Opportunity Committee March 19.

Tiyah Isom-Morris, Anthony Snyder, and Isaias Solis were appointed to the committee for terms expiring on Sept. 30, 2013. James Wilkes was appointed to a term expiring on Sept. 30, 2014. Each of these individuals expressed a high interest in making sure there is is equality in the Ingham County workforce.

Commissioner Sarah Anthony is not part of the County Services Committee, but she was present on the board in support of the candidates. Anthony is also a member of the Equal Opportunity Committee.

“I am here just to say that each of these candidates work hard and are active in our community. I have personally worked with Mr. Solis and from that, I believe they are all fit for the committee,” said Commissioner Anthony.

The committee was created in April 1998 to assure that equality within the community. The committee advises the board of commissioners in monitoring affirmative action plans. Over the past couple years, the committee has dwindled.
“I am delighted to see how these individuals carry out their positions, I am sure they will do well,” said Commissioner Deb Nolan.

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