Nancy Kelly awarded Quality Service Certified Platinum status

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12434_LargeNancy Kelly, real estate agent for Tomie Raines Inc, can now say she is the only Realtor in Mason to be awarded Quality Service Certified Platinum status in recognition of “exceptional service satisfaction.”

Kelly is one of 36 at her company to earn a QSC award and according to Matt Wimpress, customer service Manager for QSC, this puts her in the top two percent of real estate agents in North America.

QSC measures customer service with surveys by an independent research company.

Data for 2012 was compiled by Leading Resource Corporation, with the highest possible score being a five.

According to Debbie Barnett, president and owner of Tomie Raines Inc, the two levels of awards are gold with a 4.5 and platinum with a 4.7  from the past year.

Wimpress added that to qualify there is a minimum requirement of returned surveys and no score must be below a four.  Kelly’s score for the past year was a 4.83.

“What it means to me is that my buyers and sellers have put a lot of trust in me and have paid that back to me by giving me a score that says they are satisfied with the job that I have done,” said Kelly

“Nancy is a great agent. She is very passionate about her clients and that is a wonderful thing,” said Barnett, “She is a great trusted realtor and she always goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

According to Wimpress, this award stands apart as a way to be transparent with potential clients. Agents don’t get to pick which clients receive a survey, as every client that the Realtor has a transaction with receives one, and this information is available to the public.

“Every single person and deal is different, everyone’s needs and situations are unique and I really enjoy helping people find what they are looking for,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she got into real estate almost 13 years ago after a career change from her degree in clinical laboratory science, claiming she wanted freedom in her career.

“As a Realtor I am very independent and it allows me the freedom to meet different people and be in charge of my own income. There is a lot of responsibility in it but there is also a lot of freedom,” said Kelly.

According to Barnett, Tomie Raines Inc is the only company in Michigan where every agent is required to become QCR certified.

“We have been doing this with our company for 10 years. One of the reasons we decided to do this with our company was to make sure there was a standard of service that we would provide,” said Barnett.

Tomie Raines Inc, founded in 1977, is the largest independent real estate company in the Greater Lansing area.

As for Kelly, while she is working toward continuing her real estate career, her plans also include starting a blog in the near future to share her life experiences with others like her.

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