‘Mayor Spotlight’ shines on Leon Clark

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Mayor Leon Clark

Mayor Leon Clark

MASON—It has been Mayor Leon Clark’s time to shine, recently being recognized as the focus of the “Mayor Spotlight” on the Michigan Association for Mayors website, after being named it’s 2012 Advocate of the Year.

Clark was the second to be in the spotlight,  which features a new Michigan mayor every other month, following association president and mayor of Utica Jacqueline Noonan.

“Mayor Clark is an exceptionally strong advocate for the City of Mason, but in particular he’s a vibrant member of the Mason community, constantly advocating for a strong ‘sense of place’’ and helping not only the city, but also the surrounding community,” said Noonan

Clark said he didn’t even know about the award, so he was completely shocked and “at a loss for words” when he found out.

According to the press release, Clark was selected as 2012 Advocate of the Year by MAM during the association’s annual breakfast Oct. 4, 2012 during the Michigan Municipal League’s convention on Mackinac Island.

Director of media relations for the Michigan Municipal League Matt Bach explained that after the league put a call out, Clark was nominated and selected by a committee through the association.

“All of his accomplishments were quite outstanding, so he seemed to be a natural choice for that honor. “

Clark’s accomplishments, highlighted in the Mayor Spotlight, include introducing the popular Sun Dried Music Festival to Mason and 33 years of service to its Fire Department. He organized the humanitarian aid project of transporting a fire truck from Mason to its new Sister City, Vitina, Kosovo.

“Those are all things that we support and he just exemplifies a lot of the things that we as an organization look for,” said Bach.

According Bach, the spotlight recognition was added as a way to redesign the association website.

“With the first spotlight being on the president of MAM, we thought that Leon was a good choice for our second mayor, given his honor as Advocate of the Year,” said Bach.

Bach explained that the league is a nonprofit organization that represents over 500 communities, cities and urban townships and works closely with the MAM.

Clark, a member of the MAM, described it as, “an action club where mayors get together a couple times a year to formulate legislation and share problems and ideas,”

Clark said he got into the city council because he saw things in Mason that he felt needed to be fixed and improved.

“We are just working at trying to change the world any way we can.  We’ve accomplished a lot the last 20 years I’ve been on council. I feel that the quality of life overall is better for the citizens” said Clark.

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