Millage to bring back money to the East Lansing library

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By Deveen Taylor
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

On Nov. 6, 2012, East Lansing voters voted yes to the million-dollar operating levy for the East Lansing Public Library. The library suffered from budget cuts, which caused it to cut a lot of staff members. With the millage, the library will see $840,000 in its first year. East Lansing Public Library director Kristin Shelley said that the library won’t receive any of the money till July but has big plans for it.

“With the money we are planning on hiring a teen librarian since we get a large amount of MSU students that come in. We also have a roof that needs to be fixed,” said Shelley.

The library plans on hiring more staff members for the busy summer season and they also want to get more books. Shelley said that they’re planning on doing some minor renovations for now but solely wants to make the library better for the community since they voted on the millage.

“We want to get so more computers for the children and be able to put on more events for them and with the millage we are able to do so,” said Shelley.

Education major Leah Robinson uses the East Lansing Public Library frequently. Robinson whose class requires her to be a teacher’s assistant at a local elementary school in Lansing uses the library to get children’s book she wants to read with her class.

“The MSU library has a small book section dedicated to children and it isn’t much books to choose from, at the East Lansing library I have a whole section to choose from for my class,” Robinson said.

Robinson said that she voted yes for the millage for the library, solely because she knows that schools all over Michigan has suffered from budget cuts and they can’t provide the same amount of books they used to so student turn to their local libraries.

East Lansing resident Anthony Reynolds says he is glad the millage was passed because he depends on the library a lot.

“I take computer classes here and they teach me how to work my iPad,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds defines himself as technologically illiterate and says he learned how to work his new iPad he got for Christmas at the library’s gadget workshop.

“I don’t know what I’d do without the library. They are patient with me, unlike the people at Best Buy. they make sure I learned every technique,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said he is excited that classes like the ones he takes at the library won’t suffer from budget cuts.

With the millage in motion the library will continue to raise money so it can continue weekly workshops and events for the East Lansing community.

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