Lansing Township grateful for return of Tuition Assistance

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By Katlyn Vuillemot

Lansing Charter Township Staff Writer

LANSING CHARTER TOWNSHIP – Some Lansing Township residents are relieved to hear tuition assistance for the military is back after being removed in March due to the federal budget Sequester.

The Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps suspended tuition assistance because of the government spending cuts.

Recently, Congress voted to protect the assistance from being cut from the military, once again providing service members with $4,500 per year for classes.

The military had suspended the program to save $250 million to $300 million, according to an article at The Washing State Post.

Lansing Township residents spoke up about how the cut affected them and their feelings now that it is back.

“I was using (the assistance) for my classes last semester,” said Pfc. Christopher McCall, a soldier in the United States Army visiting the recruiting office. “After they cut it they let me finish classes, but I wasn’t able to enroll for new classes this semester.”

McCall said he is happy the assistance is back and is excited to start his next semester of classes so he can become a physician’s assistant.

Help with tuition is a good thing to have, said Catherine Kujawski, a local resident. The military deserves to have the help so they can get their education.

“I didn’t join the Army for the assistance,” McCall said. “I joined to be a combat medic and to serve my country. “

Tuition help “is just a bonus,” He said.

Having tuition assistance is beneficial for the military, said Staff Sgt. Dunn, a local recruiter for the Marines. There won’t be much of a difference of enlistment though because the main reason people join is to serve their country, not to get a degree.

But it is a great thing to have, Dunn said. “Personally, I think TA is a great thing because if anyone deserves a degree, it’s service members.”


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