Lansing officer commends Old Town on safety, friendliness

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By Jennifer Brown  Staff Writer

     Old Town Lansing is known for its abundance of art galleries, small restaurants and boutiques. But recently it is also gaining recognition for being a safe area of Lansing.

     Lansing Police Officer Rich Dietrich is stationed in Old Town, and said that the area has a very low call volume.

     “We don’t receive very many calls from the Old Town area compared to the other parts of Lansing,” he said.

     The Lansing Police Department was busy April 21 because of the Lansing Marathon. Dietrich said that there was very little increased concern by citizens because of the recent tragedy in Boston.

The North Precinct of the Lansing Police Department.

The North Precinct of the Lansing Police Department.

     “We are prepared for the marathon, and don’t see a need to increase security measures,” he said.

     There are not any obvious trends of criminal activity in Old Town, Dietrich said.

    “The most common calls would have to be for theft and destruction of property,” he said. “We don’t get many calls, but then again, anything can happen.”

     Dietrich said that Old Town is one of his favorite areas to patrol.

    “The people there are nice,” he said. “It’s a very nice area.”

     Old Town storeowner Kristin Olson said that she enjoys the area because of the friendly and happy people.

     “There’s just a tremendous sense of camaraderie,” she said.


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