City of Grand Ledge is writing up handshake agreements

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By Lingling Xu
Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

Grand Ledge—Handshake agreements of sharing services hav been used for a longtime between the Grand Ledge city and schools.

However, many people who made them are no longer around. People do not remember the details of what was agreed upon.

Grand Ledge is going to formalize several services that are shared between the city and the Grand Ledge Public School district.

“People come and go, nobody remembers the details of the handshake agreements, ” said Jon Bayless, a city administrator of Grand Ledge.

“The verbal agreement may not work any more,” said Bayless. “They need to put in writing.”

The Grand Ledge city attorney recommended formalizing all the agreements.

“I have discussed this with school administrators,” said Bayless. “We all agreed we should have a written agreement. It is just a good business thing to do.”

“The city came up with this idea, we just need to approve it,” said Linda Aloe a member of the Grand Ledge School Board.

Bayless has been directed by the Grand ledge City Council to bring a formal shared services agreement up with the school district for approval by the council and the school board. The final agreement will come out within 30 days.

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