Business at local theater matches national trend

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By Jennifer Brown   Staff Writer

    The NCG Cinemas at Eastwood Towne Center are enjoying a boost in business which correlates with the national trend.

   According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), admission to movies, theaters, and concerts went up 2.3 percent between February 2012 and February 2013.

    In the first two months of 2013 however, the price index showed a slight dip of 0.6 percent.

    This trend is also consistent across similar expenditure categories like admission to sporting events and group exercise classes. All of these categories experienced an increase between 2.3 and 2.6 percent between February 2012 and February 2013.

    Eastwood Towne Center features many stores and restaurants, and is an ideal spot for a day out shopping or a date night.

    NCG Cinema Assistant Manager Dan McGrath said that the theater has not raised prices. The theater even embarked on some building improvements during this past year.

    “We raised some ticket and concession prices a year or two ago, but we have not changed anything since then,” McGrath said.

    The cinema recently added new beverage machines that allow patrons to choose from over 100 flavors of soda or water. These high-tech machines were an added cost to the cinema, but McGrath said that NCG’s first priority is the customers.

   “We always do our best to keep costs low for our customers,” he said.

    NCG Cinema customer Allison Voigt said that she keeps returning to the theater because of the reasonable prices.

    “They have competitive prices, so it’s a good deal,” she said. Voigt also decided to attend movies at the Eastwood Towne Center because of it’s close proximity to Michigan State’s campus.

    The current price for an evening movie is $7.50 for students and $8.50 for adults. Matinee shows are Monday through Thursday before 6 p.m. and Friday through Sunday before noon, and cost $5.

The NCG Cinema at Eastwood features new beverage machines.

The NCG Cinema at Eastwood features new beverage machines.

The NCG Eastwood Cinemas are located at 2500 Showtime Dr. in Lansing.


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