Bath Township road maintenance in full swing

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By Evann Webb, Staff Writer

Bath Charter Township is planning to spend approximately $200,000 on an annual road system maintenance program according to its 2013 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

The CIP, which is part of the 2012-13 Fiscal Budget, is a six-year investment schedule of public structures for the community.

The annual road system maintenance program is based upon the PACER Road Rating System funded by the Clinton County Road Commission.  The program will take care of various road repairs such as resurfacing, graveling, and putting down new asphalt and chloride.

The program was given a score of 74.17 by the Planning Commission, the highest rating of the four Capital Improvement Plan projects.   Other projects in the plan include a sidewalk non-motorized pathway project, the establishment of electronic signs, and expansion of the senior center.

Bath Township Superintendent Troy Feltman said, “The [Planning] Committee felt that the program was the highest priority, which is why it was given such a high score.”  Feltman added, “The high score doesn’t mean the program gets more money.”

The  Bath Township Road Committee and the Clinton County Road Commission will decide how the $200,000 will be used for the program.

As for the budget, Managing Director of the Clinton County Road Commission Joe Pulver said that it can be looked at as “one big pot.”  We have money left over from the winter that we will use for the summer,” he said.

Pulver said that actions for the program have already been taken.  “We’re always a season ahead,” he said.  “We removed a lot of trees this winter, and a lot of our utilities have already been located and are ready to go.”

Pulver said that the Road Commission has several plans that are a part of the Annual Road System Maintenance Program that will take place during the summer.

“The Bridge Project will get finished this summer,” he said.  “We’ll also be doing routine maintenance such as dust control, graveling, scraping gravel roads, ditching projects, and cover replacements.”

All roads in Clinton County are owned and overseen by the Clinton County Road Commission.  For contact with a commissioner, or someone at the Road Commission office, call: (989) 224-3274.

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