Frank Walsh is new township manager

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Frank Walsh
City of St. Joseph photo

By Tia Graham
Meridian Times staff writer

Meridian Township has hired a township manager and it seems that the township board is excited.

Gerald Richards has been township manager for 23 years and will be leaving his work to Frank Walsh.

Walsh, currently the city manager for St. Joseph, said this is a homecoming to a beautiful community.

“I was born in Lansing and raised just south of Meridian in Pleasant lake,” said Walsh.

Walsh said he couldn’t be more excited, “My family is ready to move home and become a part of what I consider to be one of the best towns in Michigan.”

Walsh said he will bring a great deal of passion and energy to the Meridian team.

“Jerry and I have talked and I look forward to learning more about township operations from him,” Walsh said.

Walsh said he has talked to some of the department leaders and likes getting to know the trustee members.

“It looks like he’s very well qualified for the meridian township manager position,” said treasurer of Meridian Township Julie Brixle.

Brixle said she really thinks Walshs fund raising skills will benefit meridian township.

“Looks like Walsh will have an important role in the downtown area as well as the downtown Haslett area,” said Brixle.

Walsh said he and the township are trying to get the contract for his employment done and get started in the next six weeks.

A May 8 start date seems to be recommended but will be known until the contract is completed.

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