The new Cottages housing complex arrive at Chandlers Crossing

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The construction site where the Cottages will be

The Cottages at Chandlers Crossings almost finished being built.

By Deveen Taylor
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The Cottages are the new homes being built on Hunsaker street that is part of the Chandlers Crossing community in East Lansing.The newly built complex gives students the experience of owning an actual home unlike the other Chandler apartment properties.

Leasing director Steven Hentemann said that The Cottages will give a new college living  experience in East Lansing because there is no where near campus that looks like it.The houses are complete with furniture,a garage, full bathrooms, walk-in closets, and front and back porches.

“You’re going to get the renting experience of renting a house that’s geared for working professional but is in a college students price range,” said Hentemann.

The cottages gives you the feeling that you’re living in a house minus the price that you would pay for maintenance said Hentemann. The price range for The Cottages start at $565 to as high as $750, which isn’t bad for owning your own home. The Cottages come with free high speed internet, students also get free cable provided by The Dish Network for the whole year. The Cottages aren’t only trying to get students to live in these new homes but they’re trying to save them money by providing them with  free bus passes and energy-efficient appliances.

“We are trying to have save students money so we are providing residents with brand-new stainless steel energy star efficient appliances so  that students will have  a cheaper utility bill,”said Hentemann.

Bria Watkins, a MSU student who recently signed her lease for The Cottages said she’s happy  about being the first to live in her house.

“I’m excited about living in The Cottages it beats living in the other dingy apartments,” Watkins said.

Watkins who currently lives at The Village at Chandlers Crossings complains that the apartment are a little beat up and not worth what she pays monthly  and she currently has problems with security when the grill of her car was stolen.

“I’ll be happy when I have my garage at The Cottages and I won’t have to worry about my car when I park it,”Watkins said.“The security here is beyond lazy all they do is sit around and chat.”

Hentemann said that students won’t have to worry about safety because The Cottages will have security  unlike the other Chandlers Crossings complexes.

Mikal Spann another MSU student who is a Lansing native is excited about his home away from home .
“Living at The Cottages will be the first time I’ve lived anywhere near campus , so I’m excited to for it to be a house thats affordable,”Spann said.

Spann a senior,who has been living home for four years couldn’t find anywhere affordable where he would have his own space until now.

The Cottages are set to be completed by May and residents can move in by August.

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