Marquette senior residents consider pennies a nuisance

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By Deveen Taylor
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Residents of the East Lansing senior community The Marquette say they wish the U.S. would get rid of the penny already. We usually associate pennies with our grandparents who usually pick them up and save them and late cash them in. Some  residents of the East Lansing senior living community seem to think otherwise, they believe pennies are a pain and the U.S. should halt the production of pennies immediately.

“Pennies are a nuisance you can’t use them for anything like we used to in my day,” said Sylvia Harvith.

Harvith says the economy has increased the value of things and it would help the economy to stop producing the coin. The penny which been production for a long time but over the years it has begun to be considered worthless despite its high production cost. Canada has recently given up on the penny and ended its production of the coin. Evelyn Lumsted another resident of The Marquette thinks the penny should be discontinued.

“It’s useless .You can’t purchase gum or candy with it no more like I used too, they should’ve gotten rid of them a long time ago, “ Lumsted said.

Lumsted recalls when she was a child and her mother would send her to the store to buy a loaf of bread, which used to cost two cents. The price for some bread today in a grocery store ranges from $1.99 to $2.39.

“I’m glad I’m not there buying bread, I’ve never paid over $2 for bread in my life,” said Lumsted.

Esther McKinley, another resident, said years ago she used to roll up her pennies and turn them into the bank, but now she doesn’t even bother. McKinley said if Canada is getting rid of the penny to save cost shouldn’t America do the same since we are under more economical distress than Canada.

“America is in a lot debt, I believe eliminating the penny would be start on getting the economy back on its feet,” McKinley said.

The penny is still in production in the U.S. and to many of us we don’t really care if its in existence or not, but could the high production cost of the penny really cut back the U.S on its spending?

Harvith said America should consider what is of a value of a penny today and consider discontinuing it since it has no value to people anymore .

The Marquette residents talk about what they used to purchase with pennies

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