Annual daddy-daughter dance bring families together

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By Brytanie Killebrew
Williamston Post staff writer

WILLIAMSTON — Ribbons tied, hair curled, grab your dads, it’s time to twirl.

On Friday, March 1 the annual Daddy-Daughter dance returns to Williamston, bringing fathers and daughters together for a special night of photos, music and polka-dotted memories.

This year’s dance carries a polka dot dance party theme and will last from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., in the Discovery Elementary school gym and commons, said Patti Marston, community program director.

“It’s a really popular event,” Marston said. “It’s something the community looks forward to.”

Marston said the tradition existed long before her 15 years of involvement. With each year drawing hundreds of fathers and daughters, Marston estimates 300 couples will attend this year’s dance.

And the daughters will bring home more than memories Friday night.

“Each child receives a gift at the end of the night that matches the theme of the dance,” Marston said.

Fathers also have the opportunity to purchase Williamston Greenhouse & Florist corsages for their little girls when registering for the dance.

For the second year, Marston has partnered with the florist in providing optional pink, rose corsages for $12 and white, rose boutonnieres for $10.

Along with the flowery accessories, each couple can get their pictures taken at one of two stations provided by 4Front Photography.

“It’s the second year we’ve worked the event and it’s been great,” 4Front owner Jamie Smith said. “We had a great response last year. All of the parents have had positive feedback about not just getting the little prints they’re used to receiving.”

The photos are taken free of charge and can be customized and downloaded after the dance.

Daughters aren’t the only ones excited, Marston said fathers look forward to the annual event just as much as the girls.

“What they normally do is make it a dad’s night,” she said. “They take their daughter out to dinner before and make the night special for them.”

As the couples stroll into the gymnasium, they’ll be welcomed by DJ T of Tunes by T who will provide the evening’s soundtrack.

T has been involved with the dance for several years, dating back to his attendance with his two daughters when they were young. With his girls now in college, T DJs the dance providing a soundtrack both dads and daughters can enjoy.

“It’s a kick to watch the dads do the Cupid Shuffle or the Macarena,” T said. “I try to be interactive with the mic work. I feed off their energy and I hope they feed off mine.”

T said he tries to include a lot of interactive songs to encourage group participation, but a fan favorite always tends to be Taylor Swift, the princess of country music.

“Girls line up non stop, waiting to request songs,” T said. “Recently, Taylor Swift is number one. I’m sure she’ll be popular this year too.”

Besides catering to the girls’ inner T-Swifts, DJ T plans to wind things down by throwing in a few slow songs, giving dads and daughters the opportunity to connect on the dance floor.

“It’s so great to see the bond between the dads and the daughters,” he said. “It’s something that you don’t see too often.”

Prices for admission is $31 per couple and $13 for each additional daughter. Walk-ins the night of the dance will pay an additional $15 per couple.

2 thoughts on “Annual daddy-daughter dance bring families together

  1. Cute story Brytanie, I love all the details you added, it felt like I was actually at the dance. I think it would be cool for East Lansing to do something like this.

  2. I like the lede of this article. It does a great job of painting a picture of what the event was like.