Spartans vs. Indiana means fast break for meeting

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By Lia Kananipuamaeole Kamana
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Officials sped through the Ingham Intermediate Board of Education on Feb. 19 because they had another agenda: basketball.

The meeting ended after 30 minutes.

After adjournment, Superintendent Stanley S. Kogut Jr. asked a few in attendance if they were Michigan State University students. They said they were.

“Do you guys know why we ended the meeting early?” asked Kogut.

Two journalism students looked at each other, unsure, but a third, Tyler Clifford, knew.

“The game,” responded Clifford.

“Exactly,” said Kogut. Before leaving, led two rounds of the “Go Green! Go White!” cheer.

The Michigan State men’s basketball team had a 7 p.m. tipoff with Indiana University at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. First place in the Big Ten was at stake. The Spartans lost, 72-68.

Cindy Howe, the executive at the Thorburn Education Center, said that the length of meetings is determined by how much is on the agenda, but normally meetings last around an hour. Topics discussed at this meeting dealt with budget, upcoming events and the staffing. One of the biggest discussions was on how information was going to be sent out to board members in the future, through paper packets or through email. The board also scheduled a special board meeting for April 4.

“If we had had more on the agenda it definitely would have gone longer,” said Howe. “We just didn’t have much on the agenda last meeting so it just happened to work out that we finished before the game.”

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