Smoke-free housing event in Haslett aims to educate and empower

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by Gabriela Saldivia
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

LANSING—Wednesday, March 20 at 10:30 a.m. there is a local celebration of Kick Butts day, a national day of activism to prevent youth addiction to tobacco, for Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham county residents.

The event takes place in Haslett, Mich., at the Marsh Pointe apartment community, 5895 Marsh Road, a 55-and-older property that recently went smoke-free.

Amy Ann Moore, the tobacco prevention coordinator at the Ingham County Health Department, said the event’s focus is to educate and empower citizens about their rights regarding smoke free housing.

“A lot of times when I have approached apartment owners or property management companies, they don’t realize they can legally ban smoking inside. All of them have had complaints but they don’t know that they have the right to say there is no smoking inside the building that they own or manage,” Moore said.

KMG Prestige, the property management firm Marsh Pointe is under, has been encouraging regional property managers to take properties smoke free after the CEO of the company lost his father to lung cancer, according to Moore.

“One of the things I’m hoping to get out of this event is to share with property managers, property owners and tenants that if they speak up, smoke free housing is something they can achieve,” Moore said.

Speakers at the event include Sheri Weise, the regional property manager of Marsh Pointe and 14 other elderly communities that are smoke free, Heather Collin with the Property Management Association of Mid-Michigan and David Soule, regional vice president of KMG Prestige.

One thought on “Smoke-free housing event in Haslett aims to educate and empower

  1. This is a great topic that you covered. I agree with Amy Ann Moore and think it’s important that citizens are informed of their rights regarding some-free housing. If people are complaining about smoking inside of buildings, then I think it’s time to ban it.