Pedestrian crosswalk may do more harm than good

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By Evann Webb, Staff Reporter


Whether or not pedestrians will be safe crossing the busy intersection is a big concern, according to Morgan. (Photo by Evann Webb)

The development of a pedestrian crosswalk across the intersections of Marsh and Saginaw roads will be a safety hazard, declared a member of the Planning Commission on Feb. 19.

Ron Morgan, chair of the Planning Commission, announced at the Board of Trustees meeting that the establishment of a crosswalk on the eastside of Marsh Road up to the top of the hill coming into Bath Township would jeopardize the safety of pedestrians.

“If you have ever tried to cross Marsh Road at any time, it is incredibly hazardous,” Morgan said.  “The thought of having that path extended across yellow lines is really unfortunate.”

Morgan said that he and other members of the Planning Commission are concerned about what will happen if the Clinton County Road Commission decides to follow through with the plan.

Morgan said that he is concerned about the heavy traffic that happens on Marsh Road, and how it will conflict with the crosswalk.

“If you watch the traffic there, it is pretty active,” he said.

Morgan added that the speed of traffic is something he is concerned about as well.

“That traffic — once the cars turn off of Saginaw Road, they do not go to 35 miles per hour, they are going to 55 through there,” he said.  “My concern is that most drivers will not be paying attention to pedestrians struggling to get across the street.”

Morgan said that the Road Commission automatically thinks that street guidelines such as yellow lines will help with the success of the crosswalk.  However, he disagrees.

Morgan asked the Board of Trustees for support to see that the proposal does not get approved.  He said that even though he has an opinion about the issue, the final decision about whether the crosswalk will be established is up to the Road Commission.

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