Lansing Township looks to redevelop abandoned property

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           image (6) A local environmental business hopes to redevelop a 32-acre parcel of contaminated land in Lansing Township, resulting in an addition of 200 jobs and more than $2.5 million in taxable value to the property.

Triterra needs to agree on a purchase price and the deal with Lansing Township will be complete. The board of trustees decided unanimously on March 12 to price the property at 2400 W. St. Joe St. at $175,000.

The Lansing Township company plans to buy the land and begin a series of environmental clean-up activities, which the township will reimburse them for, said Triterra owner Alan Hooper. Hooper has bought abandoned properties in Lansing but this would be his first in Lansing Township.

Triterra will work on turning the contaminated, deteriorating property into a healthy, environmentally-friendly area that will improve the visual appearance of the township, said Hooper.  Decontamination must first occur so the land and buildings will be suitable for workers and citizens around the work area, according to the plan put forth by Lansing Townships’s Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

image (5)Before Triterra begins its work of redeveloping it has to make the necessary environmental changes to make the property safe to work on. The estimated cost for the environment clean-up will be around $550,000, said Lansing Township Brownfield Redevelopment Authority spokesman Matt Brinkley.  Lansing Township plans to reimburse this money through a series of increased local taxes over the next few years, according to the development plan.

Two buildings lie on the property in question and both will be demolished before redeveloping begins, according to Triterra. The massive parking lot behind the buildings is overgrown with weeds and requires much work to get back into usable shape.

After turning the abandoned buildings into serviceable lots, Hooper and his company plan to rent them out to commercial industries.

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