Lansing police gear up for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

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S5 Mongeau Photo(resized)

Signs advertising St. Patrick’s Day hours could be seen all across Lansing. Photo: Chelsea Mongeau

LANSING – It’s that time of year when the streets and bars are packed with St. Patrick’s Day partiers, windows are decorated with four leaf clovers and a sea of green envelops the sidewalk.
While St. Patrick’s Day may be enjoyable for many, it is easy to ignore the risks that come with heavy drinking and large crowds.  The Lansing police department and local bars have teamed up to prevent dangerous situations.

Lansing Public Information Officer Robert Merritt said that providing Lansing residents with precautions early will prevent these dangerous situations.

We start prior to St. Patrick’s Day with alerting the public that police officers will be patrolling on St. Patrick’s Day, Merritt said.  We will include safety tips to make sure that you drink safely.

“Awareness is number one for us.  As a result, we have a great patrol with local bars, we send a local liaison to all the bars,” Merritt said.

Merritt explained that police liaisons will be around St. Patrick’s Day go to each of the Lansing bars as a reminder to both bartenders and those drinking alcoholic beverages that the Lansing police force is out and that laws will be enforced.  A police officer present reminds patrons that the police force is cracking down on any activities like underage drinking or drinking and driving, Merrittt said.

Merritt said that the greatest way to prevent dangerous situations is to designate a non-drinking driver.

“Before you go out and party, designate a sober driver, which I know is a tough thing to do, but the key is to also pace yourself when drinking,” Merritt said.  Knowing personal limits is the key to having a safe holiday, he continued.

With hundreds of Lansing residents out and about this weekend, it is important for people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day to plan ahead by designating a driver and to remember personal limits for everyone to have a safe holiday.

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