Holt HaMmy's first round

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By Marlee Delaney
Holt Journal staff writer

C.J. Davis prepares the stage for the first act/Photo by Marlee Delaney

C.J. Davis prepares the stage for the first act/Photo by Marlee Delaney

The HaMmy’s talent competition had its debut at Holt High School and attracted musicians of all ages, Delhi’s township supervisor said March 12.

C.J. Davis hosted and kept things moving throughout the show that included around 20 different acts. His main goal was to provide entertainment and to send his audience home with something to talk about.

“Our expectation was to get one done and plant the seed,” he said. “The show moved along, and we have good talent here.”

He said he would have loved to see the Margaret Livensparger Theater at Holt High School filled with 800 people, but he was realistic and knew the talent competition was still in development and wouldn’t attract a large audience for its first show.

Davis is looking forward to moving onto the next round and helping it gain speed. He said all three rounds might be done in Holt due to scheduling complications.

He said: “We didn’t know who was going to be involved or what the categories were going to be, so we kind of have to wait until the next show. We will post the next day and inform everybody who is going to move onto the finals on May 22.”

Among all of the talent that showed up to perform at the HaMmy’s, 12-year-old Marina Threadgoul sang “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie.” Marina has been taking private voice lessons since she was 8.

Threadgoul has been casted in a number of shows at local theaters in Holt and hopes the judges will consider her for a spot in the finals.

After each performance, a panel of judges scored the performance. The scoring will help decide who will be moving onto the finals.

Delhi Trustee Megan Ketchum volunteered to judge for the competition because of her extensive musical background.

“I figured that most of the talent was probably going to be singing, so I volunteered,” she said. “Tonight was mostly Holt people with a few Mason people. I’m assuming the next show will be mostly Mason with a few Holt people thrown into it.”

Ketchum said she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of singing and said she really enjoyed it. She hasn’t been notified whether she’ll be judging again, but she said she would be more than happy to volunteer for the next round of the HaMmy’s on April 9.

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