Residents 'Howl at the Moon' at Harris Nature Center

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Cristin Barber, her son and dog prepare for the walk to start.

By Molly Mason
Meridian Times staff writer

On Feb. 22 brought together nature-lovers and dog-lovers in Meridian Township. TheHarris Nature Center, on Van Atta Road in Okemos, hosted “Howl at the Moon,” a guided walk through the parks of Okemos with dogs and their owners. Leashes are mandatory but flashlights are suggested. The cost is three dollars per person.

Kit Rich, Harris Nature Center Coordinator, said,“We’ve been doing “Howl at the Moon” for 10 years now. The turn out has always been good.”

The walk takes about an hour and covers three
miles of the East Gate Trails. Canines and their
owners gather at Harris Nature Center. The times change with the
seasons to ensure that the sun is set.

Becca Hayes, an employee at the Harris Nature Center and the guide for last Friday’s walk said, “There are usually about 20 to 25 people. The walk happens rain or shine because there is a consistent flow of regulars.”

Any size and breed of dog is allowed, and it is a great way to encourage socializing among breeds. The event happens the third Friday of every month.

Cristin Barber and her family were new in town last year so to meet people they got involved in the events at the Harris Nature Center. This included “Howl at the Moon”.

Barber said, “We always come to “Howl at the Moon”
because we get to bring Mollo.” Mollo is their five-year-
old Pitbull.

Mollo, the boxer, is excited to play in the snow.

Mollo, the boxer, is excited to play in the snow.

Rich said, “We try to offer a wide variety of programs at all different times. People do enjoy walking the park after dark.”

The Harris Nature Center offers several other events ranging from programs for adults, like gardening and landscape photography classes, to children’s activities, like story time and
birthday parties.

More information can be found at the nature center’s website.

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