Council looking to build larger senior center

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photo4By Matilyn Ozment
Williamston Post staff writer

Local senior citizens are benefiting from the senior center and programs provided by local and government organizations.

The senior center has been in the Williamston Community Center since 1992, and is expected to continue providing services to seniors in the community indefinitely.

Currently the senior center receives support from the school district, the American Legion, individual donations, Williamstown Township, the city of Williamston, and several other groups.

“The whole town has helped to support this along with a few generous individuals,” said Virginia Taschner, a volunteer who has been working with the senior center since it first opened.

Services include presentations about nutrition, identity theft, scams, mortgages and more. The attorney general’s office funds the free presentations for groups around the state, said Dave Rumminger, a presenter for the attorney general’s office.

The senior center also provides free luncheons every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The food is donated and prepared by the Tri-County Aging Consortium.

Taschner said the senior center is a place where people can go for support, and that local senior citizens act as a family and help is there when someone is in need.


The location of the senior center has become a topic of discussion in city council meetings but council member Scott Vanallsburg said that city council is at square one right now in the planning process.

Susan Cockerill, a volunteer at the senior center, said, “for the senior center to grow they need to look for a bigger place.”

If a new senior center is built, Taschner said that they would need a dining room, a room for activities, two or three offices, storage space, a commercial kitchen and several other requests that would accommodate the needs of local seniors.

The township and the city are trying to get a plan for a municipal building that would accommodate the needs of the senior center along with a library and other service organizations, said Taschner.

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