City Council meeting resolves resident issues and awards community programs

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By Nubia Buckingham
Mason Times staff writer

Dead ash trees are a continuous issue for the community.
City Council members have been bombarded with complaints.

Tree removal, commission plan, and annual report of Mason Fire Department have been discussed.

City Council meeting was held Monday, Feb. 18.

Code enforcement officer James Duthie presented the dead ash tree dilemma.

“A large tree has broken off into someone yard,” said Duthie.

“Property owners are hoping for whoever is responsible to take care of the situation,” said Duthie.

There has been an increased demand for tree removal by property owners.

“I hope you guys are interested in this matter,” said Duthie.

Mayor Leon Clark opened public hearing for residents to discuss their issue with dead trees.

The dead ash trees have been a continuous problem with the Mason community.
Duthie presented the problem the previous City Council meeting.

This was the final time and approval has been made.

City Council members discuss Planning Commission.

Rezoning acres of land at 114 North Mason Street for family residential rooms.

“I believe 51 neighbors are aware of the zoning,” said Robin Naeyaert.

The two family housing are undergoing problems.

There are concerns about the water supply.

“One applicant had an outstanding water bill,” said Naeyaert.

Council member Marlon Brown questions the verifications.

There were some disagreements among City Council members, about the planning commission.

Many aspects were favorable and the council approved the request.

City Council members praised City of Mason fire department for providing great service.

Chief Kerry Minshall presents the fire department’s annual report to Council members.

“We are the service club that they want to give back to the community,” said Minshall.

The fire department has a waiting list of people that want to volunteer.

Chief explains the structure fires and how long they last.

Council member is grateful for the Fire Department involvement with the fireworks every year.

According to the City Council members Mason Fire Department has done a good job with keeping the community involved in activities.

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