Buddies Bar and Grill supports Snell-Towar Association

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By Patrick Mullen
Meridian Times staff writer

Pictured is the bar and TV's in the background showing what is to come of the day with the fundraiser

Buddies gets prepared for the fundraiser

Buddies Bar and Grill hosted their third annual fundraiser for the Summer Recreational Program on February 24, 2013.

David Caszatt, president of the Towar Community Concerns Committee for Meridian Township, initiated the summer program “Rebuilding Together Now,” 20 years ago for kids. He said, “Tammy Black(owner of Buddies) is totally in to help us out.”

Caszatt said the Snell-Towar Neighborhood Association goes after grants to set up events for the kids (usually ages 6-14) in Meridian Township. In the past, the money has brought them to water parks and Hawks Island.

Most kids who participate live in the Snell-Towar Neighborhood, just down the road from Buddies Bar and Grill.

Ellie Isola, secretary of the group, was having lunch with some friends Sunday afternoon at Buddies. She said she has been at Buddies every year since the fundraising began. She also mentioned that during the summer, a golf outing is held to support the program.

Maria Garcia, second in charge at Buddies Bar and Grill, said their support for the program was a no-brainer.

“He was actually our mailman here for a long time,” Garcia said, talking about how they met.

Caszatt grew a personal relationship with Garcia and Black that became a business relationship.

“I am thinking we made about $500, but I am not positive,” Garcia said, talking about last year’s fundraiser.

The money made from these fundraisers, whether at Buddies Bar and Grill or golf outings, becomes grants for the summer programs.

“What it does is turn that money over to Meridian Township’s Park and Recreation Department,” Caszatt said.

Caszatt said Black plays a large role in supporting his summer program and he is very thankful for what she does for the kids.

If you missed this past fundraiser at Buddies Bar and Grill, there are still other ways to help out. Greg Grothous is the parks and rec specialist and can be contacted at grothous@meridian.mi.us.

The community and kids are thankful for what Dave Caszatt does to help out, and he feels the same in return.

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