United States Postal Services cuts Saturday deliveries

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By Tia Graham
Meridian Times staff writer

Okemos Post Office

Okemos Post Office

Okemos–The United States Postal Service announced on February 6 that, starting in August, mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays.

Sabrina Todd, media relations Greater Michigan Postal Service, said financial issues was the cause for the cancellation of Saturday mail services.

Todd said the Postal Service has been experiencing a decline in business for five years.

Cutting Saturday services will help save over $2 billion a year and this is just another way to save money, said Todd.

Packages, such as medications, will still be delivered to homes said, Todd.

Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General, gave a press conference talking about the change.

“People pay their bills online, it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s free you can not be free. On the other hand people still like receive hard copies statements, bills and correspondence,” said Donahoe.

The Postal Service last year posted a $15.9 billion loss in revenues said, Donahoe.

The Postal Service talked with the public about stopping Saturday services and more than 70 percent said it would be OK and they would not be affected said, Todd.

“Our move to a new delivery schedule is a result of a lot of research and study, said Donahoe. Two years ago the Postal Service put together a very detailed plan to implement a five-day delivery schedule.”

Postal Service Logo

Postal Service Logo

“We’ve looked at every conceivable impact on our business and operations and we are confident that we have a strong operational framework,” said Donahoe.

Meridian Township resident Ahad Gill said, “Of course mail used to be delivered every day, now I will be delayed a couple of days for letters. This may cause a problem.”

“Best thing for people to do is to get a P.O. box,” said Todd.

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