The Abrams Municipal Airport will build a new t-hangar

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By Lingling Xu

T hangar

This is how does the t hangar looks like.

Grand Ledge-The Abrams Municipal Airport in Grand Ledge expects to build a new 10 units t-hangar on August.

 Fred Moore,an Abrams Municipal Airport instructor said the t-hangar is a special enclosed storage designed for private aircraft to have a rest.

“ The hangar will cost about half million dollars,” said Jon W. Bayless, the city’s administrator and the airport manager. “ It is all made by steel.”

In Grand Ledge City Council meeting recently, the council did approve a plan to build a new 10 units t hangar in Abrams Municipal Airport. Grand Ledge Mayor Kalmin D. Smith, signed the designing contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation on Jan 29. The t-hangar will be stated in August, and finished by October, Bayless said.

The federal government will contribute $508,000 to the project, according to the Airport Capital Improvement Plan from Michig

an Department Of Transportation Office of Aeronautics, State and local governments will each contribute $28,250 each to the project.

According to the airport introduction from Grand Ledge official page, the Abrams Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Grand Ledge, and governed by the Abrams Municipal Airport Advisory Commission, which is in charge of the operation and management. The airport handles more than 30 flights per day, it is mainly use for Air National Guard.

airport plan

The 10-year airport construction plan from Michigan Development of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics. The plan A is where the 10-units t hangar located.

The airport has constructed an area for 30 t-hangars to the east of the new National Guard facility, 10 t-hangars have been constructed in 2005 and used by airport tenants. Another 10-units t-hangar will be built in this summer because of the engineering needs. After the 10-units t-hangar plan complete, there are five more airport improvement plans has been approved by Michigan Department Of Transportation Office of Aeronautics.  All these plans will come up during 2013 to 2018, according to the Michigan Department Of Transportation Office of Aeronautics.

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