New courses planned for Mason High School

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Mason public school board treasurer Julie Rogers

Mason public school board treasurer Julie Rogers

By Katarina Vella Lingl
Mason Times staff writer

Four courses have been approved for the upcoming school year at Mason High School.

The executive director of curriculum, Bruce Barbour, presented these proposals at the Mason board of education meeting on Feb. 11 at the James C. Harvey Education Center.

These are the new courses:

*The Impact of Sports on American History and Culture: Barbour said this course would discuss issues such as using Native American tribe names as mascots, and Billie Jean King’s impact on the battle of the sexes in relation to sports.

* An advanced placement World History class, that is required for all students to graduate.
“This class would be offered to students beginning sophomore year so they can start attempting advanced placement credit earlier,” he said.

* LINKS: Barbour said this course partners a student with another who suffers from autism.
“Students will attend class with their partner for an hour and will meet as a class once a week after school, along with having an online curriculum,” Barbour said.
Barbour said the work students complete online and in after school meetings will be reviewed, and grades at the end of the trimester will be given.

* Advanced Writing/Advanced Composition, for juniors and seniors.
Barbour said this class will take place during lunch and students will be able to work on their assignments have time to eat and assist students in the writing lab.

Board Treasurer Julie Rogers, said the high school determines what courses are needed, and notifies the curriculum committee when they have a proposal for classes.

She said new courses are presented once per year before students sign up for classes.
“All four of these courses were approved tonight and will be available for students to sign up for the upcoming school year,” she said.

Rogers said the curriculum committee had three meetings before officially presenting these courses to the board.
Rogers said the school wanted interesting electives, and thought a history class with a sports-related approach would attract more students.

“We needed additional information, and at this meeting all of those questions were answered,” she said.
Board Secretary Laura Fenger said that these courses are better options.
“The more choices we can offer that include the depth and rigor our students need, the better,” she said.
The Mason board of education will have their next meeting on March 11, at 7 p.m.

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