Florist's sales bloom on Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day decorations including two different big red hearts and a big teddy bear with an "I Love You" heart

Al-Lin’s shows off their holiday spirit with these Valentine’s decorations

By Patrick Mullen
Meridian Times staff writer

OKEMOS—Every year, that special day rolls around when loved ones receive gifts.

Just off Grand River Avenue and Marsh Road in Okemos, Al-Lin’s Floral and Gifts knows what Valentine’s Day is all about.

“The busiest holiday is Christmas because the season lasts so long,” said co-owner Al Vogl. “But the busiest day of the year is Valentine’s Day.”

It can be especially busy for Al-Lin’s, as it is the only flower shop in Okemos.
So just how busy does a flower shop get come mid February? Let’s have the numbers do the talking.

“Typically around Valentine’s Day we are up on our sales about 300 percent,” Vogl said.
Basically, that means the shop will serve customers nonstop.

Because of this, it is key to offer a wide variety, along with delivery availability, which Al-Lin’s Floral and Gifts does. “We have the ‘Tulip in a Bubble Bowl’ for $24.99,” said Linda Vogl, the other co-owner.

Pictured here is the Tulip in a Bubble Bowl, a small bubble shaped vase with tulips coming out and a pink heart in the mix

Pictured here is Al-Lin’s Valentine’s Day Special: The Tulip in a Bubble Bowl, just $24.99

“We offer a full line of gifts that covers basically everything, even including wall art,” Linda Vogl said.

They also have a delivery man for everyday orders, but the Vogls scheduled extra drivers for Valentine’s Day.

Jarrod D’Valentine, a 21-year-old Okemos resident, said he will not be buying flowers this holiday season.

“They (flowers) are too expensive and die so quickly,” D’Valentine said. “It is not surprising how well florists do, though (on Valentine’s Day). Flowers are a very common gift to give your loved ones.”

With the Vogls running the only floral shop in Okemos and delivering to the Greater Lansing Area, they make the most of Valentine’s Day.

“We usually get out of here at 5 p.m. on a normal day, but last year on Valentine’s Day we did not leave until 10 in the evening,” Linda Vogl said.

It is likely that will be the case for future Valentine’s Days, either.

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