East Lansing Film Series available at Studio C!

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By Isabella Shaya
Meridian Times staff writer

Meridian township residents interested in viewing unique, creative films now don’t have to wait for a special viewing or travel very far.

The East Lansing Film Society has partnered with Studio C! to show its Film Series in the theater.

Jan. 18 through Feb. 16, the theater rotated through nine movies for the public to view.

1999 Central Park Drive, in Okemos.

1999 Central Park Drive, in Okemos.

The movies included: “Any Day Now,” “Brooklyn Castle,” “Chasing Ice,” “The Intouchables,” “Nobody Walks,” “A Royal Affair,” “Rust and Bone,” “Starlet” and “The Zen of Bennett.”

Studio C!, located at 1999 Central Park Drive, in Okemos, opened Dec. 10, 2012 near Meridian Mall. The theater is owned by Celebration! Cinema, and has a restaurant inside called Oscar’s Bistro.

Chad Wozniak, general manager of Studio C!, said the food and bar option has not been replicated in other Celebration! Cinema theaters, located in six major cities in Michigan, making Studio C! an experimental movie theater.

“This was an exciting market that was missing a movie theater,” Wozniak said.

The East Lansing Film Society Film Series started in 1998 after the only art movie theater in Greater Lansing closed. The series is headed by the East Lansing Film Festival, a nonprofit organization which hosts an annual film festival in March.

Susan W. Woods, director of the East Lansing Film Society, said Celebration! Cinema approached the society about showing the films on one screen in its new theater. She said there was a very positive response to the films.

“These are wonderful, artistic, creative films from different countries, and documentaries that are true art and are shown in other major cities and have not been able to be shown here,” Woods said.

Haslett residents Pam and Denny went to Studio C! for the first time Saturday, Feb. 2 because they wanted to try something new. They said they love the idea of showing the East Lansing Film Society Film Series at the theater.

“I think it’s great,” Denny said. “There hasn’t been anything like that in the area for years.”
Pam said she has to pay more attention to the times when the movies are being shown.
The next session begins March 1 and will contain eight films, several of which are Michigan-based or were directed by someone from Michigan, Wozniak said.

Wozniak said the theater was selling just as many tickets for the new films as for some of the new releases.

“They seem to be really enjoying it, (and) not many places around Lansing offer this,” Wozniak said. “The community has definitely been asking for (this).”

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