DeWitt Township and Lansing agree on police and fire safety for Capital City Airport

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Capital City Airport police and fire safety now controlled by Ingham County 911 Dispatch
Photo: David Defever

By: David Defever

Lansing Star Staff Writer

LANSING – Ingham County 911 Dispatch Center becomes the primary Public Safety Answering Point for Capital City Airport after the approval of Clinton County’s 9-1-1 Plan.

Every county needs a plan outlining the areas it provides 911 service, said Lance Langdon, director of Ingham County Emergency Communications Division.

Ingham County now patrols areas outlined in an agreement between DeWitt Township and Lansing.

DeWitt Township and Lansing agreed that the city would provide police and fire protection for the township’s airport, said Bruce Gaukel, deputy director of Ingham County Emergency Communications Division.

Prior to approving the plan, Clinton County had to transfer emergency calls to the Ingham County 911 Dispatch.  Now the county dispatch can receive calls directly from the area.

Now that the phone company has changed, emergency calls from that area ring directly to us rather than to Clinton County, said Langdon.

Police and fire service will be faster to that area, said Gaukel

Airport administration and dispatchers plan to join the Ingham County Radio System.  Dispatchers will go through an educational process along with follow-up to keep their certification.

“There’ve been some changes through the state that’s now requiring training standards,” said Langdon.  “There are a couple of 40-hour courses that are required for dispatchers.  Once they’ve done that, then they have to get so many continued education credits every two years.”

Funding is already provided through a wireless surcharge, which pays for 911 directors, supervisors, dispatchers, call- takers, technical staff and support staff.

The approval of Clinton County’s 9-1-1 Plan has been in development since Oct. 2012 and is finally getting attention.

“It had to go through several different steps to even get to this part,” said Debbie DeLeon, chairperson of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners. “We did pursue it and just sent the communication to the two neighboring counties.”

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