Delhi Township seeking Skytrak Forklift

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By Marlee Delaney
Holt Journal staff writer

Delhi Township's current forklift that needs to be replaced

Delhi Township’s current forklift that needs to be replaced

DELHI TOWNSHIP—An unexpected expenditure that is crucial for Delhi Township is going to cost a lot of money, the public service director said Tuesday.

Sandra Diorka said the township’s forklift must be replaced with a Skytrak forklift.

“We’re basically trading out a desktop computer for an iPhone 5,” she said.

Diorka added that if the township needed to fix a streetlight, it would have to hire an electrician, which would cost a lot of money.

“Normally, we would go through the budget process and say that we need to replace this piece of equipment in 2014, but this time we need to replace it without waiting for the budget to be done properly,” she said. “It’s used every day, it likely needs more work than it’s worth and it’s not safe.”

Maintenance Supervisor Jim Lenon said they’ve been having some issues with the forklift for a couple months.

“I had some of our service technicians who normally do our service and safety inspections on our forklift present me with an estimate of repairs,” he said. “The repairs would probably exceed $8,000 to $10,000. They don’t know how much the actual cost of repairs would be, but they would consider that estimate as low.”

Delhi Township is seeking to buy a used Skytrak forklift

Delhi Township is seeking to buy a used Skytrak forklift

Lenon said that it might not be a great idea to put that kind of money into that piece of equipment. He said they’ve been using a Skytrak forklift, and it has been working out really well.

“Currently, we’ve been renting equipment to do our light repairs, decorations and tree trimmings,” he said. “Having a Skytrak forklift would for the most part eliminate the cost of having to rent equipment for these repairs. There are times when we don’t have equipment and just hire outside contractors, and this new forklift would provide an even larger savings.”

Lenon said a new Skytrak would cost approximately $114,500 and that a used one would be the way to go.

“I’m thinking we need probably a minimum of a 32-foot lift to reach the different points,” he said. “The prices vary from $15,000 to $28,000, but we could probably get a good used unit without exceeding $20,000.”

Mike Hamilton, a resident, suggested that the township lease the equipment instead of buying it.

“Most of the companies I’ve worked for decide to lease forklifts because of the costs on maintaining them,” he said. “They’ve decided that leasing is cheaper than hiring someone to come in and maintain them over a long period of time.”

Diorka said they were going to have to look into their options to figure out what the best move is for their community and bring it back to the board during the next township meeting on the third week of February.

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