City of Mason reveals new mission statement

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By Cody Harrell
Mason Times staff writer

The Mason City Council presented a new city mission statement at its meeting Monday.

Mayor Leon Clark said the mission statement was run by the council through a number of programs held in January. Clark said the council developed the mission statement by weighing the strengths and weaknesses of the city and positively collaborating with all council members.

“Developing the mission statement allowed the council to really work together as a team,” Clark said.

The new mission statement of Mason reads:

Mason is a community founded upon a respect for our historic past, while encouraging an atmosphere that values family, business, the environment and arts, creating a sense of place for present and future generations.

According to City Administrator Martin Colburn, the visioning sessions that produced the mission statement were also intended to address citywide issues and begin to develop the year’s budget.

“Visioning sessions help develop a sense of healthy discussion amongst the council members,” Colburn said. “There is a broad breadth of values (in the mission statement), and this council represents the people.”

Colburn spearheaded the visioning session and facilitated the discussion through community interaction and discussion. Colburn said this allowed all council members to be actively involved in developing the mission statement and represent the community. He said that the mission statement was developed in order to help create a stronger bond throughout the community.

Mason resident Meghan Reckling, who was at the meeting, said developing a mission statement gave the city council a common goal for moving forward.

“We’re moving back into a time where people like to work, live and play in one area,” Reckling said.

Reckling said she agrees with the decision to include “entertainment and arts” within the mission statement to reflect the diversity of the city’s interests. She added that having a mix of business, entertainment and environment help small cities like Mason grow.

“My grandparents never expected to live in the world of technology we have now, and that directly speaks to the future generation,” Reckling said.

The city council created a plaque that will be hung inside of city hall with the mission statement and will send it out to be presented inside of businesses.

“This sharpens our focus and helps us move in unison,” said Council Member Elaine Ferris.

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