City Council seeks to expand fitness facilities

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By Nubia Buckingham
Mason Times staff writer

Former Council Member Barbara Tornholm proposed a new project for city of Mason Recreation plan at the City Council Meeting Monday, Feb. 4.

Barbara Tornholm said she is concerned about the youth not being able to have physical fitness.

“Adult and child obesity is considered by many to be a major health problem,” said Tornholm.

Tornholm is 63 and works out three times a week.

“The gyms are occupied mostly by varsity student athletes,” said Tornholm.
The public rarely gets a chance to use the gyms.

Tornholm‘s objective is to make sure youths have equal opportunities.

“There is only one Snap Fitness in Mason,” said Tornholm. Snap Fitness is an indoor fitness facility that has memberships for adults.

Tornholm said expanding  Snap Fitness could help the community. Expanding fitness facilities will allow individuals to maintain good health, said Tornholm.

Health care providers and insurance companies find it worth investing in indoor fitness facilities, said Tornholm.

“The elderly people are involved in more fitness than the youth,” said Tornholm.

“Obesity is an issue of all ages,” said Tornholm.

Tornholm said the city should encourage both “for profit” and not-for-profit fitness facilities.

Not-for-profit fitness facilities can provide awareness programs for health and fitness. The programs will encourage the youth to eat healthy and the importance of daily exercising, said Tornholm.

“This should be number five in the recreation plan,” said Tornholm.

Council Member Elaine Ferris said, “I like the idea, but I don’t know where the funding will come from.”

Later Ferris said “Everyone is not on Medicaid so it would be harder to relate to this situation.”

The recreation plan has projects listed that the city can fund, and what the public would be interested in.  Expanding indoors fitness facilities is number five.

“The schools make fitness for individuals limited in the community and the school setup affects everything,” said Ferris.

Ferris said that Mason is in competition with Williamston. Improvements are being made to city for the citizens. This can increase the city population.

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