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By: James Edwards

EAST LANSING, Mich. – College students are highly concerned with issues regarding life after graduation when deciding who to vote for in the 2012 election.

While many people are focused on candidates’ stances on war, social issues, and foreign policies, some college students in Michigan are more concerned with how the candidates will improve the job market for recent college graduates.

“College education is my main concern,” said Kelly Pancheri, a sophomore at Washtenaw Community College. “It’s expensive to be a college student, and it’s hard living on your own and working one or two jobs.”

Pancheri believes another Obama term will best benefit other students in her situation.

“I honestly can say that it seems like Obama has some type of idea of a great future for college students after graduation. He is trying to create more jobs in the next two years,” she said.

Rekar Taymour, a junior at Michigan State University, believes that the issue of college education is about more than just financing students to enable them to afford college. It is also about making sure our generation is stable and secure as they transition out of college into the working world.

If Wall Street banks are ‘too big to fail’ how about our entire generation?” Taymour said. “Our entire generation of college educated men and women will have to spend decades paying off debts to those banks that get bailouts from our tax dollars.”

He also added, “It’s important for our country to be an educated one where people can feel free to innovate without college debt keep them down.”

Michigan State senior Felicia Carmany shares Taymour’s concern regarding life after graduation.

Since I’ll be graduating in May, and am lucky to have close to no student loans, my future in the job market and where my earned money will go has been more of a concern for me,” Carmany said. “I want a president that can ensure more graduates like me will be successful out of college, and not have the money we’ve worked hard for be taken away from us.”

College students are looking at the bigger picture. When the polls close today, it will be interesting to see which candidate college students trust with their future as they make the leap into the real world.

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