MSU Students Vote Absentee

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By Chloe Hill
MI First Election
MSU School of Journalism

Even though registration has ended, those students who don’t want to change their address or can’t get home to vote, can vote absentee. It’s a process that is simple, but there are some rules.

Andrew Krietz remembers what is was like the first time he voted in a general election.

“In 2008, it was really exciting, I turned 18 in August and then of course, the election was in November, and it was my first time voting, so I got to the poll and it was very exciting to vote for the candidate of my choice.” said Andrew.

This year, as a senior at Michigan State University, voting is going to be a little different.

“I’m not home, I’m not in high school, I’m far away and voting absentee was the best choice for me.”

For many students, driving home isn’t an option on Election Day. So many Michigan State Students, like Andrew, decided to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to their local address at school. That way they can vote from the comfort of their own homes.

“When I previously voted, in 2008, I did my research, I went online, checked out the proposals, checked out all the candidates who were running and I kind of went into the polls with a literal cheat-sheet. Just a piece of paper with some of the information about the proposals, the candidates. This time around, I think I’ll have my ballot with me, I’ll be at the computer, and I’ll just be reading through each candidate, reading through each of the proposals and voting for whom I think is best.” said Andrew.

According to the East Lansing City Clerk, absentee voting ins’t the only option that students are considering.

“Students can of course register here. It doesn’t matter if you’re from out of state, they can register here and they should cancel their registration in whatever jurisdiction and state from which they originate and again they can vote here same thing.” said City Clerk, Marie McKenna.

However, there is one thing students need to be aware of.

Marie said, “One thing that we try to let students know, that when you register here, this changes your address. And so, what will happen is, you will get a sticker from the secretary of state that you’ll have to put on the back of your driver’s license.”

“This is one of the most important ways, and one of the better ways to make an impact early on.” said Andrew.

Residents have until 2pm the Saturday before the election to register for an absentee ballot. You can apply online here.

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