MSU professor raise public concern: Whom are students learning from

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By Yiran Zhao

Lansing Star staff writer

Hallway of Engineering Building, where the professor was taken into custody

LANSING – Lansing Community College students express concern about misbehavior of educators and who they are learning from.

Following the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal of Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University math professor, John McCarthy, stripping naked in class on Oct.1 drew public attention again to educators of higher learning institutions.

McCarthy is not being charged with a crime. Instead, police escorted him to hospital.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Tierra Paige, 18, “was he on types of drugs?”

Unknown of the cause, Paige assume the professor had mental problems caused by drug abuse, and should not be charged. “He didn’t necessarily do nothing, touch nobody,” added Paige.

“That man is insane!” said Chris Richards, 18, student from LCC.

Richards heard about the news from him roommates who were students at MSU, and felt entertained by the professor’s behavior at first, but then realized how serious the situation might have been if the professor was armed.

“It would probably scare me,” Paige said, “but I would probably laugh too.”

“I would probably freak out and call the cops,” said Taylor Davisson, 19, “I don’t know, that’s weird.” Davisson heard about the news from others, and saw articles reporting on the case. “It would be a problem if he had weapon,” added Davisson.

Paige is not concerned about the overall qualities of professors, saying confidently that universities would not hire people unless they have good qualifications.

“We just go there to get education, and they teach you. He could be in his right mind at learning,” yet, “we need to know who we learn something from,” Paige said.

“He just probably lost his mind,” Paige added.

However, Davisson is concerned about the qualities of educators, she asked, “There’s a lot of weird people we’re learning from, how you know if they actually know what they are talking about half the time?”

Davisson is also concerned about whether contents of lectures would be biased, she said, “I guess if they’re going to state their own personal opinion, they should say that before they do it: ‘It has no influence on anyone, it’s just my personal opinion.’”

Educators should make sure they are not “just teaching something against something they should be teaching,” she added.

Engineering Building hallway

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