Minority students find difficulty connecting to Romney

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by Tyler Hendon

African Americans came out in record numbers during the 2008 election, with the vast majority voting for Barak Obama.Is this election any different? MSU minority students were asked about their opinion of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Social policy and relations junior, Daniel Lewis, believes he can’t see eye-to-eye with people of great wealth such as Mitt Romney.

“I just feel like he can’t understand me, you know? It’s kind of biased but I can’t help it. He’s like insanely rich” Lewis said.

He went on to say Mitt Romney can’t truly understand the woes of poor Americans.

“Like where I come from people are living off Bridge cards and weak jobs. I feel like Romney wouldn’t understand that lifestyle. [Maybe] he would understand it but he can’t like really get it. I mean like relate” he said.

Lelani Williams, a senior electrical engineering major, understands Lewis’ viewpoint but doesn’t agree with him.

“A lot of people favor Obama because he’s black but what they don’t see is the fact that he’s never been broke. He doesn’t come from a poor background but Romney comes from a rich one so people seem to have a problem with that. Some student’s think he’s like wrong for being rich. If you could be rich you would be rich too right?” Williams said.

Williams feel as though she thinks as an individual and that her political views aren’t base off race or ethnicity.

“People are prone to bashing republicans. I think there’s a chance people favor someone because of their ethnicity. I don’t care about that so I can only speak for myself” she said.

The two students were then exposed to political internet memes. An “Internet meme” is a “virally transmitted cultural symbol or social idea.” These images are popular on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. People often post and retweet these “memes.” Below is a link to the popular political memes the students viewed.


Lewis believes that the memes are interesting and relevant to the upcoming political elections.

“I think the memes are all really funny. There like harmless jokes. But what I did notice though is that most of them focus on making Mitt Romney look silly. There definitely biased but I don’t think people really care. They know who they’re voting for already,” he said.

Williams also viewed the memes. She found them amusing but doesn’t see their relevance.

“The memes are dumb to me. If that’s your only way to talk about politics then you’re not even in the conversation. They are funny though,” laughed Williams.

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