Issues bring out Delhi voters

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By Macaulie Fritz,
Heather Hoffmeyer
and Max King
MI First Election staff writers

DELHI—Township residents came to the polls with some of the statewide proposals as top issues.

Proposal 2 was a popular issue. The proposal deals with safeguarding collective bargaining powers for all workers.

Katharine Washburn, a Delhi resident, said she is for Proposal 2 because it does not change anything, despite what negative ads claim.

“It’s just protecting what’s already there,” said Washburn.

Washburn works for Michigan State Employee Association, which represents state employees in the labor and trade unit and safety and regulatory unit.

Denise Rabi, who works at Michigan State University for the Recreational Sports Department said Proposal 2 was “a big no-no,” for her.

Delhi voters also mentioned Proposal 6. It deals with new international bridges from Michigan.

Delhi resident Melvin Mobley believes it should be left in the people’s hands. “I don’t see why there shouldn’t be any competition,” said Mobley.

Mobley said he believes the reason why it was on the ballot was because the owners of the Ambassador Bridge do not want competition.

The proposed Ingham County Health Service Millage was a local issue residents voted on. The millage would provide healthcare for residents who earn less than $28,000 a year.

Local business owner Jamie Cook said he supports the millage.

“Everyone needs to get some type of healthcare,” Cook said. “It’s the morally correct thing to do.”

Samantha Lake, who works as a human resource analyst, said voting for local issues are the only way for people to get their opinion out.

“To me, the local issues are really important this year, so that was my big reason for coming out,” Lake said.
Second-time voter Briana Fundunburks said the Health Service Millage swayed her voting because she works for the Michigan Department of Community Mental Health.

“If they take away the social security, that’s going to be a lot of jobs we are going to lose,” Fundunburks said.

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