Get Out and Vote!

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Kaylonni Hunter

Michigan State University

School of Journalism


With the polls coming to a near closing and the Presidential Race between the Democratic and Republican parties being so close, it is EXTREMLY important that we all, as American Citizens, see this as our duty to go out, vote and make a difference.

Talking with people from different age groups I realized that there are tons of miniscule excuses that we use to get out of making it to the polls.

When asking Bertha Jones, an elderly citizen of Redford Township how she felt about people who had no motivation to vote, she loudly voiced her opinion of “TO EACH HIS OWN! I’ve got arthritis, a prosthetic leg and heartache! I ain’t trying to go out in the bitter cold to vote! My one little opinion wont matter anyway.”

Aaron Samuels, a third year Education Major at Central Michigan University expressed that “I’m not even going to waste my time going to vote. There are Romney signs, posters and flyers everywhere so it’s pretty much a done deal for our President. Best wishes to the Obama Family though. He deserves another term.”

Last but definitely not least, Dean Anderson a Middle aged Union worker for the United States Postal Services explained his reasoning behind not making his way to the polls. “The last time I voted, Bush was elected for a second term and basically ruined America. I’ll stay at home. I don’t want to feel like I made the wrong decision with my vote.”

We as a society NEED to realize how much of a serious matter this is. It is up to US to decide who we want to lead our country for the next four years. If we do not vote, it is basically saying that we couldn’t care less about our freedom to vote, we couldn’t care less about our voices being heard and we couldn’t care less about who has control over our lives for the next four years. If you value yourself, your morals, your freedom and your opinion get out there and vote before it’s too late. The worst that could happen is that our opinions will be recognized and our voices will be heard.

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