Former Kiwanis president reflects on tenure

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By Max King
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT—The Kiwanis Club of Holt elected a new president last month as the one-year term ended for the former president, Eric Grasse.

Looking back at his time as president, Grasse said he believes he was elected one year ago because of his involvement with the club.

“My willingness to be involved and hopefully the work I’ve done within the club was looked upon favorably,” said Grasse.

Grasse said the Holt club is special because it runs itself.

“There’s one or a group of people that kind of handle each project and it really takes care of itself,” said Grasse.

Grasse said he is proud of his accomplishments as president, such as raising nearly $10,000 through various fundraisers and putting the money back into the community through projects the club did over the year.

“That’s really what the club is about,” said Grasse. “The community supports Kiwanis and in turn we are directly taking all of those funds and putting it back into the community.”

According to Grasse, becoming president of the club occurs through the voting process. Being in good standing with the club is the only requirement.

Grasse said a nominating committee is formed each year to ask a number of members if they would be interested in running. The club’s members then vote for a candidate, who serves a one-year term.

Grasse said once he became president, his responsibilities were to oversee all aspects of the club.

“From the weekly meetings to the board meetings, you are basically a member of any and all committees,” said Grasse.

Though he is no longer president, Grasse said he is still a member of the club and has kept busy. He works as an investment advisor at Dillon & Associates in Jackson, and helps out with his son’s first-grade Cub Scouts group. He is also an assistant coach for his daughter’s soccer team.

The newly elected president, Bill Sisco, began his tenure as Kiwanis Club president on Oct. 1.

Sisco said he belives he was elected because of his good organizational skills.

Sisco said one of his goals as president is to start a Bringing Up Grades (BUG) program for elementary and middle school students.

“It’s a program where (the Kiwanis Club) recognizes kids that bring up their grades during the semester,” said Sisco.

John Hayhoe, a member of the Kiwanis Club for 28 years, was pleased with Grasse’s efforts.

“(Grasse) focused on the local level projects,” said Hayhoe. “All of our projects ran good this year. He had a good team of chairman and had a 100 percent attendance as president.”

Hayhoe has known Grasse for eight years and said he appreciates Grasse having children in the local school system and the way he balanced his time as a parent and the president of Kiwanis.

“A lot of times when you are president of a local organization you have to make decisions whether to come to a meeting or your child’s projects or school affairs,” said Hayhoe. “But he was able to budget his time very well so we appreciated that.”

Hayhoe said he believes Sisco was elected because he has been in the club for several years and the club liked the way he ran his projects.

“He expressed interest about two or three years ago about being president and we watched him and he seemed very capable,” said Hayhoe.

Hayhoe said he likes that Sisco has shown interest in the Kiwanis Club beyond the local level.

“(Sisco) likes to attend the state conventions and the state meetings and he brings back some good ideas,” said Hayhoe.

Hayhoe said he expects to see some new projects form through Sisco and his wife, Linda, who is a district chairwoman for the Kiwanis Club at the state level.

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