First election as business owners

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By Joanna Davis

East Lansing- This election has served to be an important one for ‘ZinePak co-founders Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe.  Voting for the first time as business owners, issues of importance have changed for Hodak and Kaupe.

‘ZinePak is based in New York City, where the effects of hurricane Sandy are still being felt, making voting more challenging for many. Hodak and Kaupe have encouraged employees and partners to vote even if that means taking a long lunch or leaving the office a bit earlier than usual, stressing the importance of making each voice heard in this election.

“We absolutely encourage engaging conversation between employees,” Hodak said. “Although Kim and I have no interest in telling our employees how to vote because we feel like that is a very personal thing.”

Hodak and Kaupe were asked to write an article for The Washington Post regarding politics in the workplace and their views on informing employees of their vote and suggesting they vote the same.

Be sure to check out our podcast for more from our interview with Hodak and Kaupe.

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