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East Lansing High School students with new jobs on election day.

EAST LANSING—While MSU students vote for the first time, East Lansing High School students get their own first taste in the vote.

Three seniors from East Lansing High School were stationed to work at the Akers Hall precinct today, and several other seniors worked in other local precincts.

“I got here at 5:45 am and I’ll be here up until 9 pm,” explains senior Meagan Johnston.

“At 5:45 we had to set-up the ballot boxes, put the signs up, and we have two chairs that are the main overseers of what happens.”

The two chairs are referred to as challengers, non-students who are sent out by a specific political party to report what they see from the polls and make sure government voting guidelines are enforced.

Students working the polls had duties outside of setting up voting materials and checking voters in.

“In the building we saw one campaigner from Andrea Larkin, and I made sure she stood outside the 100-foot line,” stated Thomas Nickelson, an East Lansing high school senior.

“My position has been kind of fun.  The first 45 minutes I was running a security type thing, that people weren’t’ wearing political type stuff in here.  I was just outside of the 18-to-vote, so I just wanted to make a difference.”

Not only are the East Lansing high school seniors getting paid, they are making a difference for future voting.

“I had no idea how to vote or anything before this, and all of the students coming in here don’t know what to do.  I get to tell them what to do, and when I am able to vote, I will know what to do,” said Johnston.


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