Disastrous outcomes for women if Romney becomes President.

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By: April Jones

Young adults often fall through the cracks of our broken health care system. Depending on our parent’s employer’s health care plan, there are many who are covered with health insurance but thousands of young Americans are not. Both men and women are affected by the increasing healthcare rates, but a major problem with Governor Romney’s plan will single out women and make birth control unaffordable for uninsured women.

In the recent years, President Obama has made birth control available to uninsured women with no co-pay. Women are able to easily access the appropriate contraception and in return the number of unplanned births have reduced keeping need for government assistance from unexpected mothers low.

As President, Governor Romney wishes to remove affordable health insurance for the uninsured women citizens. Under his plan, an 18-year-old uninsured woman will be paying roughly $99,700 for contraception such as the pill, patch or ring and women who are 25 years old will be paying an estimated $13,000 during her childbearing years. Going from little to no cost to thousands of dollars, birth control will be unattainable for many women nation wide.

Governor Romney is also in favor of the Blunt Amendment. Under this amendment he grants CEO’s the decision to deny health services, including contraception to employees on the basis of their moral decisions.

Does Romney understand that by making birth control almost impossible to have, the amount of uninsured women may start to reproduce under mass numbers? An uninsured woman caring for a child will most likely need more government assistance in return. One of Romney’s goals in presidency is to cut government aid, however without birth control, women may actually need more aid caring for their unplanned children.

President Obama has worked hard for women’s reproductive rights and if Governor Romney wins the election, women will suffer. Governor Romney’s whole policy is to keep the government small, yet he is highly interested in legislating women’s reproductive rights. There is no easy way to put it; a Romney- Ryan white house would be a disaster for women.

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