DeWitt’s Farmers Market Brings The City Together

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DEWITT, Mich.— The DeWitt Farmers Market is a street market that allows for food vendors to come and set up a stand and sell their goods. These vendors are farmers and other food businesses from around the area. The market is located in downtown Dewitt, on the intersection of Main Street and Bridge Street. The market is held every week on Tuesday.

The DeWitt Farmers Market isn’t just a place for people to sell their food. If you let Bea Stomienoff, a DeWitt resident, tell it it’s much more.

“It’s a way to bring our community together,” said Stomienoff. “In today’s day and age it’s hard to bring a town together, the market does this for DeWitt.”

The feeling around the town echoes Stomienoff’s statement. People of all ages, from every corner of DeWitt come to the market. In the middle of downtown hundreds of people come and go through the market. Not only does the market bring the community together, it helps economically as well.

“It is almost like making our community self sufficient,” says John Orr, owner of JW Kettle Corn. “These people can get fresh food here and keep the money in DeWitt and not at a big corporation.”

Orr knows how hard it is to start and run an independent business. Deciding late into his thirties that he wanted to make popcorn, he says the DeWitt Farmers Market was a big reason.

“I remember coming here when I was working my nine to five, and realizing how bad I wanted to be my own boss,” said Orr. “A lot of us might not make the most money in the world, but we sure are happy.”

The market isn’t just a nice thing for the community. The businesses that vend at the markets have noticed an increase in profit as well.

“Don’t get me wrong I love this town,” says Blake Stomienoff, owner of Great Harvest Bread. “But, I come here because it’s great business. I’ve gained a remarkable amount of loyal customers from the market.”

Becoming a vendor at the market isn’t all that difficult either. Fill out an application and pay a small fee and your business can be at the market.

“We wanted to make it rather easy for businesses to come here, even if they are not from Dewitt,” said Kellie Warner, coordinator of the DeWitt Farmers Market. “We want this to be a fun exciting experience for everyone in the greater Lansing are, not just the people of DeWitt.”

Once seen as an ambitious effort, the DeWitt Farmers Market is now flourishing. Providing a place for the citizens of DeWitt to congregate and do a bit of business. It’s safe to say the DeWitt Farmers Market will be a community staple in DeWitt for a long time.

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