Debates Don’t Matter

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By: James Edwards

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Despite the presidential debates being the center of attention prior to Nov. 6, some Michigan State University students don’t believe they are a factor in their decision come voting day.

“The debates don’t affect my decision at all,” said junior Kyle McRae, who will be voting for the first time this election. “I feel as if I’m pretty educated on the two candidates, and the debates are mainly for the less educated and undecided voters.”

While the debates are supposed to be informative, sophomore Lucas Odom watches them for the entertainment factor.

“I have done my research and I’ve known who I will be voting for since July,” Odom said. “I find the debates hilarious because they just attack one another and make entertaining remarks.”

Odom thinks it is important that voters research candidates and issues and don’t only rely on public performances like debates for information. “I don’t think that the debates should affect anyone’s decision because they’re just trying to be politically correct. You have to search deeper to find the real facts.”

Sophomore Kyle Smigelski, also a first-time voter, doesn’t factor the debates into his decision, but for different reasons than Odom and McRae.

“I personally don’t pay too much attention to the presidential debates because of the political party that I support.” Smigelski said. “My family and I support a certain party and have supported that party for as long as I can remember. The debates don’t change my views of the candidates because I have been informed about the candidate I support for a while.”

For many people, the debates are used as informative platforms to get them more familiar candidates. But it seems as if college students and first-time voters on Michigan State’s campus are doing more than just relying on what they see on television in order to make an educated vote.

“Making the best decision possible on voting day is my main concern,” Odom said. “I just don’t see how watching the debates could really help. It’s necessary to dig deeper than that to make the most informed decision possible.”

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